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The Clean Pillow

September 18, 2019

The Clean Pillow

Wellbeing Starts With Sleep

Sleep, exercise and nutrition are the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

A superior pillow is key to getting enough high quality sleep.


Your Pillow Matters

Traditional pillows fail to provide the features essential to good sleep.

KateKlein developed the Clean Pillow, engineered to be what a great pillow should be: Healthy and Comfortable


The Clean Pillow, By Design

KateKlein Clean Pillow

We dreamed up a pillow that is as healthy as it is comfortable. 

The foundation of KateKlein's Clean Pillow is its shell and core design:

The pillow’s washable outside shell is packed with healthy features and its inside core delivers optimal comfort.


Healthy Shell

KateKlein Clean Pillow Healthy Shell

The Clean Pillow’s healthy shell manages moisture and airflow.

It is also washable.

Sleep healthy.

Comfort Core

KateKlein Clean Pillow Comfort Core

The Clean Pillow’s comfort core delivers a perfect blend of softness and support, in any sleep position.

It also filters out impurities.

Sleep comfortable.


Made For You

KateKlein Guarantee Delivery Warranty

Our Clean Pillow is handcrafted in New York City from premium US and European fabrics and materials. We deliver it direct to you with free shipping and free returns. It is backed by a 5-Year warranty.

Rest assured: You will love and trust your pillow.


See why sleep experts and happy customers alike are praising the Clean Pillow.


Upgrade Your Pillow. Achieve Wellbeing. 

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