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Founder Letter

Like other people pursuing careers, raising children and living their lives in a 24/7 interconnected world, we know that good sleep is essential to achieving wellbeing. In pursuit of good sleep, people spend fortunes on mattresses, medications and other solutions. Yet, although obvious, the pillow is usually ignored. Based on our industry experience, we know the reason for that: The typical pillow, whether expensive or not, traditional or space-age, is neither designed nor made of materials that give it the ability to play the complex role required of it. Typical pillows are simply a bag of fabric filled with something. The fabric can be beautiful or very basic. The pillow can be filled with the most expensive down in the world or the cheapest foam. It doesn’t matter. Neither combination results in a product capable of doing its important job. The result is that typical pillows are all too often uncomfortable and unhealthy. We thought we could do something about it and decided to develop a pillow that would surpass all others and set a new standard. The result is the KateKlein Pillow.


Fundamentally, the KateKlein Pillow is engineered to be comfortable and healthy. Both soft and supportive, it feels exceptionally comfortable throughout the night in any position. The KateKlein Pillow also controls airflow, moisture and impurities. The pillow’s shell is removable and washable so it is easy to keep clean. We achieved all this by combining traditional and innovative fabrics and materials with specific capabilities and engineering them together into a beautiful functional design. This is our proprietary Clean Pillow Technology. No magic or gimmicks, just a thoughtful approach and the finest materials. We received a patent for our efforts to make a better product. What this all means for you is simply that the KateKlein Pillow feels and looks great.



To ensure the highest quality, we source every item in the KateKlein pillow exclusively from the US and Europe and handcraft the entire product right here in New York. What better place than the city that never sleeps to design and make the best pillow? This approach yields additional benefits: We can operate on a smaller scale, focusing on building a good business, not a big business. We can also take our time to do things the right way because we are not trying to keep up with the tight schedules of very large distant suppliers. Additionally, there are obvious and important economic, social and environmental benefits to running a business locally.



Although making the best product is not inexpensive, we wanted the KateKlein Pillow to be an unparalleled value. So, we only sell it directly, avoiding the unnecessary markups and promotional tricks of the traditional wholesale retail model. Instead of compensating many layers of intermediaries, we invest everything in the quality of the product. We think of our approach as eCommerce 3.0. The first wave of e-tailing was about better service through convenience, selling the same products at the same price. The second wave was about going direct for better pricing, selling similar products at a lower price.  We believe the future is about the combination of convenience, better pricing and better products. We aim to provide a superior product at a direct-to-consumer price. That's what we call unparalleled value.



Finally, we draw our motivation and inspiration from where we are and where we come from. We are in New York City because it is one of the most innovative, creative and motivating places in the world. But wellbeing isn’t only about success. It is also about health and happiness. And that usually comes from a more balanced lifestyle like the one found in the Southwest of France, where we are from. Out of that beautiful place, we draw our appreciation for tradition and the quality of things that take time to do right. Like us, the KateKlein Pillow was born in France and made in New York. 


Upgrade your pillow. Achieve wellbeing.


Fabrice Klein

Founder, KateKlein