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Novel approach to pillow design

After setting out to develop the most comfortable and healthy pillow possible, we spent more than a year researching and engineering it, selecting fabrics and materials and devising the manufacturing process. The patented KateKlein Pillow is the result. 


1 Goal, 6 Requirements, 150 Prototypes

We started with the undisputable fact that a great pillow has to be comfortable all night and always healthy.  To reach that goal, we determined that our pillow had to meet six requirements: It needed to be soft, supportive, cool, dry, pure and washable. Then, we evaluated hundreds of fabrics and materials to find the combination which, engineered together, would best meet our criteria. In the end, we developed and tested more than 150 prototypes until we found our perfect design for the best pillow ever.

Innovative and Luxurious Fabrics and Materials

The typical pillow is only made of one fabric and one fill material. Combining the best from traditional and advanced materials, the KateKlein Pillow is made of seven different fabrics and three layers of fill, each with their own unique role. 

Constant technological progress results in exceptional fabrics with advanced capabilities. Widely used in athletic apparel, these materials possess unique capabilities that are very beneficial to sleep: Some are wonderfully soft, stretch to conform to your shape and wick away moisture. Others filter impurities and act as protective barriers. We also use the finest natural materials that no man-made material can match such as European down and Egyptian cotton woven in Italy. To ensure the highest quality, we source everything exclusively from producers in the US and Europe.

The KateKlein Pillow is Entirely Hand Made in New York City

Making a KateKlein Pillow requires 45 steps versus as few as 5 for a typical pillow. Our patented pillow design is unlike any other, requiring advanced manufacturing capabilities. Based in New York City, we have access to the extraordinary resources of the Garment District, a global fashion center on par with Paris, Milan and London. We selected our workroom partners for their expert skills, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship for the KateKlein Pillow.

KateKlein: The Pillow, Perfected.