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Sleep Experts Praise The Clean Pillow

 KateKlein Clean Pillow Patricia Ladis

"I love my KateKlein pillow! It is very supportive which is crucial to maintaining a neutral neck posture while sleeping on your back and your side. I am a big proponent of sleeping on the side to ensure neutral spinal alignment. Therefore, your pillow has to properly fill the crevice between your neck and shoulder. With the KateKlein pillow, the top layer of down contours perfectly so it feels individualized and the latex layer in the middle provides the support. My patients who experienced issues at night such as arms falling asleep or pinched nerves don't have those issues anymore after switching to the KateKlein pillow. Finally, as a mom, I love that the pillow’s cover is easily washable. My husband got jealous, so now he has one and loves it too."

Patricia Ladis, Founder, KIMA Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness


KateKlein Clean Pillow Clemence Von Mueffling

"Rest up from all the celebrations with KateKlein's phenomenal, handcrafted pillows made in NYC for your comfort and health."

Clemence Von Mueffling, Founder, Beauty and Well Being


KateKlein Clean Pillow Olivier Lordonnois

"The KateKlein pillow truly is unlike any other, without a doubt one of the most relaxing night's sleep I can recall. What separates the KateKlein pillow from any other brand is how light, clean, and fresh you feel when you wake up. For someone who travels as often as I do, a good night’s sleep is essential. These pillows are absolutely top quality and I would recommend them to anyone seeking an even more luxurious sleep."

Olivier Lordonnois, General Manager, The Mark Hotel, NYC


KateKlein Clean Pillow Iris Dankner

"The KateKlein pillow is the best gift I received for the holidays. The quality and the feel are perfect. My only problem is my husband tries to steal my pillow…"

Iris Dankner, Founder, Holiday House


KateKlein Clean Pillow Gaelle Frizon

"The KateKlein pillow is absolutely fabulous! It is both soft so that you feel extremely comfortable, and firm enough to maintain its shape throughout the night and keep your neck in the right position. I love it and recommended it to my whole family! I would never switch back to a regular pillow."

Gaelle Frizon de Lamotte, Founder, OLY Be Yoga


KateKlein Clean Pillow Tracy Vincel

“As a physical therapist, I am often asked what is the best position to sleep in? How should my head be supported to optimize comfort and decrease neck strain? I recommend the KateKlein pillow because it creates the ideal neck resting position where the cervical curve is supported in a neutral position. The unique use of different fabrics and fillers help provide the most healthy pillow I have ever experienced.”

Tracey Vincel, Founder, KIMA Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness


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