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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Clean Pillow feel like?
The pillow is designed to be both soft and supportive so it is very comfortable. As you rest your head on the pillow, it will feel soft and light. Then as your head settles into the pillow, it will gradually provide just the right level of support without pushback or bounciness. This ensures optimal comfort throughout the night.
Do you make a softer or firmer version?
No. The Clean Pillow is engineered to be comfortable because it is both soft and supportive so there is no need to offer softer and firmer versions like typical pillow manufacturers. By comparison, their products cannot be truly comfortable because they lack the necessary elements present in the KateKlein Pillow. As a result, typical pillow manufacturers shift the burden to their customers by asking them to identify with a specific sleeping style (stomach, back or side) and purchase a corresponding pillow (soft, medium or firm). We believe that does not reflect reality as we all move and shift from one position to another while we sleep.
What are the dimensions and weight of the pillow?
The Clean Pillow is approximately 22 inches long by 16 inches wide by 8 inches thick. It is designed to fit perfectly in a standard-sized pillow case. It weighs approximately two and a quarter pounds.
Do you offer other sizes?
Not at this time. The Clean Pillow is specifically designed to enable its user to achieve a better night’s sleep and the length of a pillow (standard, queen or king) is not a critical factor in achieving that objective.
What type of pillow case should I use with the Clean Pillow?
The pillow is designed to fit perfectly in a standard-sized pillow case (26 x 20 inches). We recommended high quality luxury linens. Lesser quality pillow cases are often cut too small and shrink in the wash. This constrains the pillow, making it feel firmer than it is and potentially making it less comfortable.
Where do you offer free shipping?
We provide free ground shipping in the United States in the lower 48 states. Please contact us at for information on shipping to any other location.
Do you offer expedited or international shipping?
Please contact us at so we may assist you in placing an expedited or international order. We will assess an additional charge for expedited or international shipping. International orders may be subject to customs duties and other fees that will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Can you ship to a PO Box?
No. We can only ship to physical addresses.
What is the return policy?
We aim for total satisfaction with your new KateKlein Clean Pillow and we will gladly accept your timely return of new, unused, unwashed pillows in their original packaging. The Clean Pillow is packaged in a sealed protective shell. This enables you to evaluate the pillow without removing it from the protective shell. If you decide to return the pillow, please contact us at within 10 days of receipt. We will arrange a return for ground shipping orders at no charge. Please do not return any products before contacting us as we will not be able to accept them. We can only accept a return and issue a refund for a pillow that is in original new condition in the sealed protective shell. You must provide proof of original purchase from KateKlein. Upgraded shipping, international shipping and duty charges are nonrefundable.
What happens if the product arrives damaged?
Please contact us immediately at if a product arrives damaged.
What is the Clean Pillow made of?
The pillow is made of a unique combination of luxurious traditional and innovative fabrics and materials. The shell is made of 5 different fabrics, each with their own purpose, to enable the pillow to feel soft, dry and cool. The shell’s sleep surface on the top and bottom of the pillow is made of 3 layers: The top layer is a performance fabric made of polyester and Lycra. It stretches four ways, is very soft and is made to wick away moisture to keep things dry. The middle layer is a 3D mesh fabric made of polyester. It provides cushioning and enables air to circulate within the surface to keep things cool. The bottom layer of the sleep surface is a barrier fabric also made of polyester. It prevents any air or moisture from getting into or out of the pillow through the sleep surface. This protects the pillow from the user and vice versa. The shell’s sides are made of 2 different fabrics: Along the front and back is a fine Egyptian cotton woven in Italy. That fabric is also used for the border around the sleep surface. The air vents on the left and right sides of the pillow shell are made of another polyester 3D mesh fabric. The air vents facilitate airflow in and out of the pillow away from the user to keep things cool and pure. The core is made of 2 different fabrics and filled with 3 layers of 2 different materials in order to be soft, supportive and pure. The outer fabric of the pillow core is a patented medical grade polyester fabric designed to filter out common air impurities. Inside the core, is a cotton fabric that keeps the latex foam layer in the right position. Surrounding the latex foam layer in the core are 2 layers of natural down. This design is responsible for the softness and support required for the right level of comfort. All fabrics and materials are sourced exclusively from manufacturers in the US and Europe.
Can you feel the latex layer in the core?
No, you cannot feel the layer of latex in the core. It is soft, thin, light and very low density. It plays an important role in providing support.
Does natural down make the Clean Pillow hot?
No, the natural down does not make the pillow feel hot. Down is a very effective insulating material, which is why it is used in duvets and winter coats. However, you have to be under or in the down for the warm air to be trapped around you. In a pillow, you remain over the down. In addition, the Clean Pillow is designed to facilitate air circulation through the core and within the sleep surface. This natural ventilation helps keep the pillow cool.
Are there any allergy concerns with the natural down and the latex in the core?
The natural down inside the Clean Pillow is sterilized. In addition, the outer fabric of the pillow core is a patented medical grade fabric designed to filter out common air impurities. As a result, the pillow core is designed to remain pure. The latex foam component is a blend of synthetic and natural latex manufactured for bedding applications. As a result, neither the down nor the latex in the pillow core should cause allergic reactions. However, should you feel that the pillow is causing allergic reactions, you should discontinue its use.
Does the pillow have any particular smell?
No! In fact since you can easily wash the shell, it should smell nice and clean...
Why are the corners round?
Typical pillows have pointy corners because it is easier and cheaper to cut rectangular pieces of fabric and sew them together. The KateKlein Clean Pillow has rounded corners for many reasons: The engineering based on multiple layers of different fabrics required a more complex construction and we felt it would be more attractive and comfortable that way as well.
What is the warranty on the Clean Pillow?
We offer a 5-year limited warranty. You can review the warranty details on the Legal page.
How should I wash the pillow shell?
Open the zipper and remove the core from the shell. Do not turn the shell inside out. Close the zipper. Machine wash the shell in warm water (max 40c / 105f) on gentle or delicate cycle with like colors. Only use mild natural detergent (no bleach / no softener). After wash, tumble dry the shell at low heat on gentle or delicate cycle (no dryer sheets). Remove promptly from the dryer. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
How should I clean the pillow core?
Do not machine wash the pillow core. Do not tumble dry the pillow core. Do not dry clean the pillow core. Spot clean only. Air dry only.
How should I fluff the pillow?
For optimal comfort, we recommend you fluff your Clean Pillow every morning and evening so it always feels perfect. Just tap the front and back edges several times to circulate the air inside and allow the pillow to regain its full volume.
Are shells and cores available for sale separately?
Yes. Please contact us at
Can you make custom pillows and personalized pillows?
Yes. Because we handcraft our pillows in small quantities right here in New York City, we have the flexibility to make customized or personalized pillows. Please contact us at with any ideas or requests you have and we will work with you.
Is the Clean Pillow available for hotels and interior designers?
Yes. Please contact us at to discuss quantity orders and trade terms.
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What is the blue in your logo?
This blue is inspired by International Klein Blue, a deep and beautiful ultramarine developed in the late 1950's by French artist Yves Klein. No relation to KateKlein but it is a color we have always loved.


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