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Like many people, I was consistently sleep deprived for more than 20 years after college thanks to time in the French army, business school, a demanding career in New York, raising two children with my wife and all the other wonderful things life has to offer.

I cared very much about getting enough sleep and followed general expert advice but I never paid attention to pillows. Until I broke my shoulder in a skiing accident making it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

I looked everywhere for a great pillow but could not find one. That’s when I realized that traditional pillows, even very expensive ones, were simply poorly thought out, making them uncomfortable and unhealthy.

So, after literally sleeping on that thought for a few years, I decided to bring together innovations in design, fabrics and materials to change luxury pillows. I worked with many experts to develop the perfect pillow. One that is truly healthy and comfortable.

A healthy pillow is one that is easily washable and stays pure inside. A comfortable pillow needs to provide a delicate blend of softness and support. A good pillow also stays dry and cool.

We are now proud to offer the Clean Pillow. Sleep experts and happy customers alike are praising our pillow. We hope you will trust us with your sleep.

Upgrade your pillow, achieve wellbeing!

Fabrice Klein


Upgrade Your Pillow. Achieve Wellbeing.

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