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How Our Pillow Compares

Numbers don't always tell the story, especially for something as personal as a pillow.

Still, we thought you should know how radically different KateKlein's Clean Pillow is from traditional luxury pillows.


KateKlein Clean Pillow Compare


From the seven premium fabrics and three layers of delicate fill to the 45 steps that go into handcrafting each pillow in New York City.

From the patented design to our proprietary Clean Pillow Technology®.

From responsible sourcing in the US and Europe to our exceptional warranty.

That level of dedication makes all the difference.


Patented Design + Advanced Materials

The foundation of KateKlein's Clean Pillow is its shell and core design:

The pillow’s washable outside shell is packed with healthy features and its inside core delivers optimal comfort.

The Clean Pillow’s patented design incorporates seven innovative and luxurious fabrics, each with a specific function, and three layers of fill for comfort in any sleep position.


KateKlein Clean Pillow Tech Details


We did the hard work of figuring it all out so all you have to do is lay down and enjoy better sleep.


Upgrade Your Pillow. Achieve Wellbeing.

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