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Your Sleep, Powered by Clean Pillow Technology

The KateKlein Pillow delivers a perfect sleep experience.
To achieve that, we had to reinvent the pillow.

The pillow industry has a couple of dirty little secrets: Pillows are simply not comfortable or healthy enough.

The KateKlein Pillow is thoughtfully different and engineered around a set of unique new concepts. Why? Because that is how you create an exceptionally comfortable and healthy pillow that delivers the 6 qualities required for perfect sleep:

Soft, supportive, dry, cool, pure and washable

That defines our proprietary Clean Pillow Technology.


Soft & Supportive

The KateKlein Pillow’s core is designed to feel soft and provide you with consistent support.

As you lay down on the pillow, your head sinks softly in the top layer. Then the support layer, like a snowshoe, distributes the weight evenly, providing you proper head, neck and spine alignment throughout the night.

You experience total comfort regardless of whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side, all the above and anything in-between.


Cool & Dry

The KateKlein Pillow's multilayer shell keeps you cool and dry thanks to it’s airflow and moisture management capabilities.

Air flowing within the layers of the shell reduces the transfer of body heat to the pillow, and side vents enable fresh air to circulate through the core. The shell fabrics are engineered to dry quickly. They also block moisture and air from passing through the shell surface.

All this means you and your pillow are cool and dry all night long.


Pure & Washable

The KateKlein Pillow’s core and shell design ensures you have a clean and pure sleep environment.

The core's patented fabric filters out common household air impurities and keeps the inside of the core pure. This prevents an allergen buildup common in typical pillows (A nice way to say that most pillows end up really dirty inside).

So you can enjoy the feel of a clean new pillow for years to come, we outfitted the shell with a high-quality zipper making washing easy.

KateKlein: The Pillow, Perfected.