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"The KateKlein is the ultimate pillow.
The fact that it’s both soft to lay down on but firm enough to maintain its shape throughout the night means you’ll no longer be waking up to fluff it,
and your neck will get the support it needs." (Rachel H.)


"Our sleep last night was wonderful! Seriously... the pillows are amazing!
Both firm and soft at the same time.
My neck felt great this morning." (Chris D. and Vince C.)
"My wife and I are both very picky when it comes to pillows... She likes firm and dense and I like fluffy and soft.
We’ve tried a few types of pillows over the past year. The KateKlein pillow was the best experience we’ve had.
It’s firm enough to keep its shape but soft enough that it does not put any strain on my neck, whether I was on my back or side.
Overall a very positive experience and would recommend to anyone looking for a new pillow." (Noah K.)
"I adore the slip cover and the high-function/quality zipper. 
I feel really good about these pillows overall and haven’t found anything that can even touch them on the market.
Really love it. Reigning champion pillow indeed." (Stephanie D.)

"My girlfriend encouraged me to try this pillow. I was skeptical. I’ve always struggled with sleep, with neck problems, and with pillows generally. After only a week I can say I love this thing. It’s firm enough to support my neck but not so dense that I overheat. It’s breathable and soft but doesn’t feel synthetic. The high quality of materials and craftsmanship is apparent. More than anything, I’m sleeping better. That is the proof that is hard to dispute. Strongly recommend." (Jon-Curtiss S.)

KateKlein: The Pillow, Perfected.