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Select reviews from people in love with their Clean Pillow


"The pillow was fantastic. It did exactly what it should: it lowered the head slowly and was great. I slept well. The pillow behaves well too, keeping it's shape and returning to its shape in the morning. Satisfied. Very."

Mark R., New York, NY


"I feel really good about these pillows overall and haven't found anything that can even touch them on the market. Really love it. Reigning champion pillow indeed."

Stephanie D., Cold Spring, NY


"Very nice pillows. Slept beautifully."

Charlie & Tracie B., New York, NY


"Our sleep last night was wonderful! Seriously,… the pillows are amazing! Both firm and soft at the same time. My neck felt great this morning.”

Chris & Vince D., Mattapoisett, MA


"I love it!"

Danielle M., Buffalo, NY


"My wife and I are both very picky when it comes to pillows, each in our own way. She likes firm and dense and I like fluffy and soft.  We've tried a few types of pillows over the past year. The KateKlein pillow was the best experience we've had. It's firm enough to keep its shape but soft enough that it does not put any strain on my neck, whether I was on my back or side. Overall a very positive experience and would recommend to anyone looking for a new pillow."

Noah K., New York, NY


"My wife loves it!"

Daniel G., New York, NY


"The KateKlein Pillow is so much more than just a pillow. I am one who has difficulty sleeping through the night, and I have to say that the KateKlein Pillow has completely changed that. This plush pillow has improved my sleep pattern and stays fluff and comfortable through nightly use. I love how it doesn't lose its shape and how easy it is to clean the outer shell and, voila!, your pillow is fresh and like new all over again."

Natasha C., New York, NY


"So soft yet supportive... I know this pillow is pricey but its worth every penny!  This is the second pillow I bought and this will be my last. It always looks fluffy when upright on the bed but is so soft and responsive when you lie down on it. I love the fact that the entire product is made in NYC, all from USA and European components. I don’t have to worry about what is inside the pillow. I highly recommend the KateKlein pillow if you are looking for something to last a long time and always be fluffy yet supportive. The pillow really is awesome.  It’s been five months and it’s still like brand new. I love it.”

Kate T., Long Island, NY


"The KateKlein Pillow is really comfortable and contributes to the benefits of a good night’s sleep."

Global Airline Cabin Crew Member, Paris, France


"I really like the pillow. What impresses me is how much support it provides while still being comfortably soft. It has a very different feel vs. an all-down pillow."

Mason W., Boston, MA


"This pillow is great! My boyfriend and I have been fighting over it. I win most of the time! Most of my life my pillows have driven me crazy and are never supportive enough or too stiff. It forced me to always have to use two pillows to get the support I need but that doesn't translate well to good neck alignment. With the KateKlein pillow, I don't wake up nearly as much and seem to have more restful sleep. I attribute this to the fact that the pillow's design and materials keeps my head cool and supported throughout the night. I love the fact that it's made in New York City with high-quality materials."

Cynthia S., New York, NY 


"My girlfriend encouraged me to try this pillow. I was skeptical. I’ve always struggled with sleep, with neck problems, and with pillows generally. After only a week I can say I love this thing. It’s firm enough to support my neck but not so dense that I overheat. It’s breathable and soft but doesn’t feel synthetic. The high quality of materials and craftsmanship is apparent. More than anything, I’m sleeping better. That is the proof that is hard to dispute. Strongly recommend."

JC S., New York, NY


"At last a pillow that combines comfort, esthetics and quality. One sleeps better and feels better waking up in the morning. This is an excellent investment for those who want to take care of their health and their sleep.”

Olivier T., New York, NY


"I love the pillow, I can say with certainty that it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever tried."

Gonzalo T., Los Angeles, CA


"We love it and my husband and I are fighting to know who is sleeping with it!"

Loic A., Brooklyn, NY


"The KateKlein pillow is great and I am enjoying it. It is very comfortable and supports my neck so that I get a total night's sleep. Thanks so much for developing a great product."

Cindy D., Essex, CT


"The KateKlein is the ultimate pillow for anyone with neck or shoulder issues. The fact that it’s both soft to lay down on but firm enough to maintain its shape throughout the night means you’ll no longer be waking up to fluff it, and your neck will get the support it needs."

Rachel H., New York, NY


"We gifted each other KateKlein pillows for the holidays for our new bed in our new house! The pillow is amazing and our sleep pattern has been much improved as a result. Thank you KateKlein!”

Pascale H., New York, NY


"The KateKlein pillows are awesome.  My wife and I love the pillows.  It had been eons since we replaced our pillows - though we cycled through everything else.  Our pillows were flat, lumpy and offered minimal support.  The KateKlein pillows are perfect - they offer incredible support, but have plenty of cushiness to them so that they seem to gently hug your head and neck.  Has led to much better sleep and I no longer wake up with a ‘crick in my neck’ or any stiffness.  Glad we bought them and highly recommend them to anyone!"

Tim K., Long Island, NY


"What a lovely pillow! I think it’s very comfortable!"

Kathleen C., Atlanta, GA


"Sleeping better!! :)"

Glen M., Westfield, NJ


"The pillow is great. Visually, the pillow is very appealing and the materials seem very high quality."

Katie K., Dallas, TX


"I think this will be a fabulously successful pillow!"

Sleep Specialist, New York, NY


"I have been using the pillow every night since I got it. I even brought it with me for the weekend and was able to sleep the whole night in a room I had previously never been able to. I cannot tell you how much difference it has made in my sleep quality in only a week."

Guy T., New York, NY


"A really elegant pillow. I have been "head" testing it over the past week. I'm tough on pillows but this one has maintained its form and I use it regularly and find it keeps my head higher when sleeping. Many thanks."

Bruce C., Martha's Vineyard, MA


"These pillows are magical!!!!!!"

Helen R., New York, NY


"I love the pillow! It's super comfy and not too firm, yet not too squishy :-)"

Danielle T., Atlanta, GA


"Sleeping on the KateKlein pillow is a great experience. Support for the neck and head is perfectly adapted whenever I sleep on my back or side. With the KateKlein pillow, I wake up more rested and relaxed."

Alexandre G., New York, NY


"I gave my girlfriend a KateKlein pillow as a Valentine’s Day gift: She adores it."

K. B., New York, NY


"I'm liking the pillow a lot. I've had some people over who have commented on how comfortable the pillows are / particularly supportive of their neck (which I've noticed myself, vs. other pillows). The only inconvenience is having to fluff the pillow before use - but I suppose that is a small ask for an incredible sleep."

Justin D., New York, NY


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