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What does the Clean Pillow feel like?

The Clean Pillow is designed to be both soft and supportive so it is very comfortable. As you rest your head on the pillow, it will feel soft and light. Then as your head settles into the pillow, it will gradually provide just the right level of support without pushback or bounciness. This ensures optimal comfort throughout the night.

What type of pillow case should I use with the Clean Pillow?

The Clean Pillow is designed to fit perfectly in a standard-sized pillow case (26 x 20 inches). We recommended high quality luxury linens as they will not constrain the pillow, feel nicer and last longer. 

Why are the corners round?

Typical pillows have pointy corners because it is easier and cheaper to cut rectangular pieces of fabric and sew them together. Our Clean Pillow has rounded corners for many reasons: The engineering based on multiple layers of different fabrics required a more complex construction and we felt it would be more attractive and comfortable that way as well.

How should I fluff the Clean Pillow?

For optimal comfort, we recommend you fluff your Clean Pillow every morning and evening so it always feels perfect. Just tap the front and back edges several times to circulate the air inside and allow the pillow to regain its full volume. 

What is the blue in your logo?

This blue is inspired by International Klein Blue, a deep and beautiful ultramarine developed in the late 1950's by French artist Yves Klein. No relation to KateKlein but it is a color we have always loved. 

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