Upgrade Your Pillow, Sleep Perfectly, Achieve Wellbeing

Personal experience, medical research and common sense all prove that good sleep is essential to your wellbeing. Sleeping well would be a lot easier for you with a great pillow but, sadly, even the most expensive pillows so far have been inadequate: They are simply not comfortable or healthy enough. We founded KateKlein to change that, creating the best luxury pillow ever so you can get the best sleep and achieve wellbeing.

 KateKlein Pillow Blue Bed

All-Night Comfort and Always Healthy

A pillow must be delightfully soft yet provide support for any position you change to as you sleep.

It must keep you dry and cool through the night.

Finally, it must be pure and washable to offer you a healthy sleep environment.

This is our proprietary Clean Pillow Technology.

KateKlein Pillow Features


A Better Kind of Pillow from a Better Kind of Company

We designed the KateKlein Pillow to be the best and most trusted.

We followed the same principles for the company.


Made In New York City

To ensure the highest quality, we make the KateKlein Pillow right here in New York City, benefiting from the skills of a global fashion capital. We also use only the finest materials from the US and Europe.

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Unparalleled convenience, service and value.

Purchase Direct

Unparalleled convenience, service and value.


We are confident you will love and trust your KateKlein Pillow, but, just in case we can't please everyone, we offer free shipping, free returns and a five-year warranty.

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