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Thank You For Purchasing a KateKlein Pillow

Please review the following recommendations to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Love it, Guaranteed

We guarantee you will love your KateKlein Pillow. We package it in a sealed protective shell so you can touch, feel and try the pillow without removing it. Once you know it is perfect for you, simply cut the seal and save the protective shell for storing your KateKlein Pillow. Otherwise, just contact us within 10 days of receipt.


Caring For Your KateKlein Pillow

The KateKlein Pillow is designed and handcrafted to give you years of satisfaction. For optimal comfort, we recommend you fluff it every morning and evening so it always feels perfect. Just tap the front and back edges several times to circulate the air inside and allow the pillow to regain its full volume.

Cleaning your KateKlein Pillow

The KateKlein Pillow’s unique core and shell design helps assure a pristine sleep environment by making washing easy. Simply remove the core from the shell and toss the shell in the wash and dry (low temperatures, delicate cycles). For detailed washing instructions, please see the product label inside the pillow shell.


KateKlein: The Pillow, Perfected.